​Anyone interested in information on future sales, online auctions or our on-site auction , please email us or call 443-497-9014 or 410-835-2347.

​Wants n Needs Online Auctions

     <<<<<"Some Extra Auction News">>>>>

     We are also having an EXTRA online auction from 6/27/22 to 7/22/22. This one is all small items-Silver,Gold, Jewelry,Coins,Postcards,Buckles,Advertising,etc. Will start to soft close at 6 pm. on Wednesday 7/20/22,PICKUP will be on Monday 7/25 & Tuesday 7/26 from 10-6 pm. ONLY. Our regular auction that week will end on Sunday 7/24 at 5 pm. & normal 2 day pickup​ on Monday 7/25/22 and Tuesday 7/26/22 from 10-6 pm. 

                       Online Auction dates for the Month of July.

                             July 3rd to July 10th 2022 at 5 pm. 

      Pickup for this auction is Tuesday 12th & Wedesday 13th from 10-6 pm.

                  EXTRA Auction from June 30th to July 13th at 6 pm.

                       ONLY 1 DAY PICKUP FOR THIS AUCTION IS

                                    FRIDAY 7/15 FROM 10 TO 6 PM.

                             July 17th to July 24th 2022 at 5 pm.

    Pickup for this auction is Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th from 10-6 pm. 

                    If unable to pickup on those 2 days, please do not bid.     

                   Out of state bidders need to contact us before bidding.

                  We do in house shipping. All things can not be shipped.