<<<<<"Some Extra Auction News">>>>>

     We are also having an EXTRA online auction from 10/1/21 to 10/20/21. This one is all small items-Silver,Gold, Jewelry,Coins,Postcards,Buckles,Advertising,etc. Will start to soft close at 6 pm. on Wednesday 10/20 & pickup will be on Monday 10/2 & Tuesday 10/26 from 10-6 pm. ONLY. Our regular auction that week will end on Sunday 10/24 at 5 pm. & normal 2 day pickup

​on Monday 10/25 and Tuesday 10/26 from 10-6 pm.

​Anyone interested in information on future sales, online auctions or our on-site auction , please email us or call 443-497-9014 or 410-835-2347.

​Wants n Needs Online Auctions

                           Online Auction Live from Sunday October 1st until

                                             Sunday October 10th at 5 pm.

                               There is a 2 day pickup for winning bids.

                          Monday 10/11 & Tuesday 10/12 from 10-6 pm. 

                     If unable to pickup on those 2 days, please do not bid.     

                    Out of state bidders need to contact us before bidding.

                    We do in house shipping. All things can not be shipped. 

       Hibid Main Office(The platform all the auctions use) is Experiencing Hacking Problems. They have shut down to evaluate any problems and then will start back up. Start up is unknown but keep checking back. They are trying to resolve as quickly as possible.