​Anyone interested in information on future sales, online auctions or our on-site auction , email  or call 443-497-9014 or 410-835-2347.

​Wants n Needs Online Auctions

                       Online Auction dates for the Month of December

              1)   December 11th to December 18th 2022 at 5 pm. (Household)

                       Pickup for this auction is Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th from 10-6.

   Dropoff for the January 8th sale will be Dec. 20th, 21st & 30th from 10 to 6.

       We will be closed the rest of the days until January  9th & 10th pickup.

              2)   December 1st to December 28th 2022 at 6 pm.(Jewelry)

                    Pickup for this auction is Friday 30th from 10-6 pm. ONLY

          Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thank you for your patronage                                                               throughout the year. 

      Our first online auction after Xmas & New Years will be on January  8th.

                     3) January 2nd to January 8th at 5 pm. (Household)

           Pickup for this auction is Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th from 10-6 pm 

                   If unable to pickup on these pickup days, please do not bid.   

                        Out of state bidders need to contact us before bidding.

                       We do in house shipping. All things can not be shipped.