​Wants n Needs Online Auctions

For the new person who is not sure how this works:

1. Click on the online tab at the top and then click on the red square in the center.

2. Register as a new bidder for the first time to this site. Once you register , then you only have to remember your username and      password for future auctions. There is no credit card required to sign up. Also if you have ever registered with auctionflex/hibid before  then you will have the same password and username here.

3. Once registered and signed in then you can begin to bid. 

4. To the left there is the opening bid. This tab will tell you what the next bid has to be. At this point also you can enter the next bid or a  max bid and then the computer will bid the increments for you in case you can't access a computer when the auction is closing.

5. There is also tabs at the top that tells you when the auction will begin to close, when to preview the items, when the to pay and pick  up your items. It also tells you the bidding increment parameters that are set up for this auction. 

6. The auction usually lasts for 7 days. Also on the day the auction closes, you can click on the flashing bar to view the auctions going off  without having to refresh your screen. It keeps 12 items up at a time as they go off. You can also bid from that screen down to the last  second. The auction items go off 1 every 30 seconds. If you or someone else bids on an item at this time the computer will give you an  additional 1 minute to place another bid until one of you decides to stop. The screen will tell you also if you are winning or out bid. If  you are the winning bidder on any items , I will email you an invoice of what you won and how much your bill is going to be after the  auction ends.

7. You are expected to pick up the items on the scheduled days and bring your own boxes and packing. Any items not picked up on the  required days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the store as they see fit. So it is important to pick up the items  you are going to bid on to make this run smoothly for everyone.

8. Once you pick up at the store, we accepted cash , debit and credit cards.

9. This a great concept for those of you who don't want to spend your whole day at an auction. You can view from the comforts of your  own home and when you are ready. Pick out all the items you like, bid and then pick them all up at one time.

10. There is always different listings for each auction, so the fun of it is not knowing from one auction to another what you might find!  From the smallest to the biggest item.

11. We have tried to make this as easy and fun as possible. Any suggestions, we would like to hear from you. 

12. We also can sell your items for you the same way. One piece or the whole house.  Just let us know if you need this service.

                                                                             Happy Bidding!